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Great indoor air quality is one of the essential requirements for your home and health. Without proper ventilation moisture and VOCs become trapped inside your home, causing harmful organisms like mould and mildew to thrive and resulting in many long-term health effects.
EVOAQ ventilation works to continuously bring in filtered fresh air, reducing moisture and VOC levels and improving your health and wellbeing.

Our System
Conventional ventilation systems adjust their operation by what is happening inside your house, with no regard for outside conditions. Our system looks at the air coming into the house; what is happening inside is just a guideline. This is the only system able to learn and adapt to its environment, automatically adjusting its operation so you don’t have to.

Ventilation AQ60

Our smallest system for 1-3 room studio units, apartments, and sleepouts up to 60m² in size.

Ventilation AQ220

This is our most common system that will fit most standard houses - up to 220m² in size.

Ventilation AQ300

Our largest system for large houses with long distances between rooms, up to 400m² in size.

System Specifications

Overview of the technical specs for our different ventilation systems

AQ60 AQ220 AQ300
House size Up to 60m² Up to 220m² Up to 400m²
Number of Rooms 1 - 2 Rooms 3 - 6 Rooms 6 - 9 Rooms
Power (W) 1 - 17 3 - 73 3 - 165
Air Flow (m³/hr) 63 ~ 284 65 ~ 650 63 ~ 1228
Static Pressure (Pa) 159 457 580
Noise (dB) 28 31 38
Fan Speed (RPM) 250 - 2250 500 - 3000 500 - 3000
Fan Weight (kg) 1.4 2.5 3.5
Specific Fan Power (kPa) 0.175 0.398 0.294

Layout Planning

View the most common layouts to help you plan your ventilation system

Ventilation system layout


Download your user manuals, flyers and technical specs here

Ventilation Download
Home ventilation brochure EVOAQ_vent.pdf
Ventilation controller manual controller_user_manual_Pub001_Ver2.pdf
3-room system sample layout vent_3_outlet_install.pdf
Installation instructions ventilation_installation_instructions.pdf
Filter replacement instructions filter_instructions.pdf