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Our Landlord Ventilation and Extraction Systems are great!
Extracting damp air at its source is the most effective way to maintain your Indoor Air Quality, and to prevent mould and mildew from growing. Constantly extracting at very low levels even when your shower is off removes any remaining moisture while drawing in better quality air in and around your bathroom.

Our System
Our extraction systems use custom-made, fully automatic fans with built-in sensor controls, to provide you with the best protection for you and your bathroom. These fans constantly monitor the humidity levels and remove all excess moisture from your bathroom - without ever needing to flick a switch.

Extraction VX125N

125mm bathroom and laundry extraction, well suited for small apartments and ensuites.

Extraction VX150N

150mm bathroom extraction, ideal for larger bathrooms shared with multiple people.

Landlord Extraction Specifications

Overview of the technical specs for our different landlord extraction systems

Landlord Extraction VX125N VX150N
Bathroom size Up to 9m² Above 9m²
Power (W) 1 - 17 3 - 73
Air Flow (m³/hr) 63 ~ 284 65 ~ 650
Static Pressure (Pa) 159 457
Noise (dB) 28 31
Fan Speed (RPM) 250 - 2250 500 - 3000
Fan Weight (kg) 1.4 2.5
Specific Fan Power (kPa) 0.175 0.398

Ventilation AQ220N

The landlord ventilation system that will suit most rental properties up to 220m² in size.

Ventilation AQ300N

The landlord ventilation system for particularly large properties - up to 400m².

System Specifications

Overview of the technical specs for our different ventilation systems

AQ220N AQ300N
House size Up to 220m² Up to 400m²
Number of Rooms 1 - 6 Rooms 6 - 9 Rooms
Power (W) 3 - 73 3 - 165
Air Flow (m³/hr) 65 ~ 650 63 ~ 1228
Static Pressure (Pa) 457 580
Noise (dB) 31 38
Fan Speed (RPM) 500 - 3000 500 - 3000
Fan Weight (kg) 2.5 3.5
Specific Fan Power (kPa) 0.398 0.294


Download your user manuals, flyers and technical specs here

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