EVOAQ Heat Transfer

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When your fireplace heats your lounge, a fast and efficient heat transfer system can use the excess heat to create a warm and comfy environment for the rest of your home. An effective heat transfer system improves the indoor air quality, and can prevent health problems caused by cold and damp air.

Our System
By combining the latest in fan technology and automatic sensing controls, our systems ensure optimal transferring of heated air throughout your home while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your lounge. Our custom fan combines with smaller diffusers to create the best possible mixing of heated air into your rooms.

Heat Transfer AQHTR-1

Our smallest system for single room heat transfer systems over short distances

Heat Transfer AQHTR-2/3

Our most common heat transfer system for 2 or 3 rooms which suits most homes

Heat Transfer AQHTR-4/5

Our largest heat transfer system for larger houses with 4 or 5 bedrooms

Add-on Kit

Add-on heat transfer kit for our ventilation systems - up to 4 rooms

System Specifications

Overview of the technical specs for our different ventilation systems

Number of Rooms 1 Room only 2 - 3 Rooms 4 - 5 Rooms
Power (W) 1 - 17 3 - 73 3 - 165
Air Flow (m³/hr) 63 ~ 284 65 ~ 650 63 ~ 1228
Static Pressure (Pa) 159 457 580
Noise (dB) 28 31 38
Fan Speed (RPM) 250 - 2250 500 - 3000 500 - 3000
Fan Weight (kg) 1.4 2.5 3.5
Specific Fan Power (kPa) 0.175 0.398 0.294


Download your user manuals, flyers and technical specs here

Heat Transfer Download
Heat transfer controller manual heattransfer_controller_manual_Pub001_Ver1.pdf
2-room heat transfer sample layout heat_transfer_layout_2_room.pdf
Add-on installation instructions heat_transfer_add_on_instructions.pdf
Stand-alone system installation instructions HT_installation_instructions_V1.pdf
Heat Transfer brochure EVOAQ_heat.pdf