Energy Efficiency (ERP)

Our systems incorporate superior and unique EC Fans. Our EC fans are designed and built in New Zealand proprietary for New Zealand. They incorporate the highest energy efficiency and most powerful fan performance. System year running cost is ~ $70

According to EECA, the three essentials of a healthy home are

ü Heating

ü Ventilation

ü Extraction

When you are heating your house during winter times, it is important to keep your home dry and well ventilated, especially when you turn off the heating, as this is one of the main causes of condensation problems. Good ventilation is also essential to maintain the air quality of your home, removing excess moisture and allergens

Let’s talk about our Ventilation Systems

Ventilation should be continuous, which requires a fan to operate at not only high air flows but also at low levels (10% or less) when the air is too cold, hot, or humid.
Using the latest technology and most energy-efficient products, we have created the most intelligent ventilation system to give you constant ventilation, while having minimal effect on the thermal comfort and noise levels in your home.
Our systems are designed to meet international requirements of ASHRAE 62.2.

Let’s talk about our Ventilation Systems

Our systems use DCV, which means their ventilation rate is automatically adjusted according to user requirements and the quality of available air, using our built-in intelligent controller which continuously senses air quality to modulate the fan speed.
Specialised software determines the correct set points based on established standards, to achieve both high indoor air quality and maximum thermal comfort. Combining this with highly energy-efficient EC fans, the systems can achieve very high airflows when outdoor air quality is good. Most importantly, they can also achieve very low airflows when the outside air may affect the indoor thermal comfort. This is how our systems can ventilate continuously, where most systems would turn off.