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Who are we?

We have created some of the most innovative LED and media control systems used throughout the world. In recent years we have been developing products to solve the problems of unhealthy homes.
We are designing control systems from lighting, food processing, distilling and production, allowing our customers to use their time for effectively and grow their businesses. 

What we do for our customers?

Our customer problems are usually our problems too. Improving the homes we live in by creating healthy indoor air and or improving energy efficiency within the home. Many of our customers are spending too much time doing a task which can be automated. Freeing up their time for a more productive job and spending more time with friends and family.


Disruptive innovation

is about developing new products which cause a shift in the current product range. Currently, we have several products under development which we believe are capable of the innovation leap with more features, energy efficient and desirable which out-perform any others on the current market.

Sustainability innovation

is where we take existing products and improve them with improved quality, new features or better contents.

Efficiency innovation

is about our experience in end to end product development. Changing the process of how goods are manufactured or sourced is one key way to reduce cost and increase margin. Having system split into a component-based arrangement to customer requirements is the key cost saver, reducing the cost of some products by 50%.


EvolutionFX is a Product Development Company that creates products that are innovative, unique, valuable and desirable to the customers. The strategy is the B2B type of business arrangements to develop highly innovative, energy efficient, and sustainable products.


Dennis Hyde

Managing Director


Alesha Lubbers

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Brooke Reeves

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Healthy Home Project

Designing products which inprove peoples lives from the ground up. 

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