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  • New housing designs require new products and solutions

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Products and Services

End to End Product Development in New Zealand for New Zealanders.

Home Ventilation

Home of ©TouchSense, the most innovative ventilation control currently on the New Zealand market. Featuring the most advanced Air Quality Sensoring and Fan controls.

Balanced Energy Recovery Systems

Highly efficient ERV and HRV systems with ©TouchSense Control. Unlike other systems, ours also monitor air quality. Air Quaility is the most important part of any ventilation system.

Bathroom Extraction

Using high performance EC Mixed Flow Fans with smaller ducting to suit modern house designs. These systems out-perform anything else on the market and will meet and exceed the building code requirements.

Product Development

Knowledge gained from years of experience allows us to provide to you with a wealth of knowledge for your products. We need your help and opinions of current products. Join our group to discuss new products and their suitablity for our market.

Innovation and Design Service

For a product or service to be counted as innovative it must be unique and compelling to the consumer, create a competitive advantage, sit on a migration path that can yield further innovations, and provide consumers with more value than anything else in the market.

Come join our team

Product Managers with exceptional skills are required to project manage and deliver our commitment to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most innovation comes from taking existing products and ideas and assembling them in new and interesting ways.

Who is EvolutionFX?

We have been credited for creating some of the most innovative LED and media control systems used throughout the world. In recent years we have been developing products for Simx NZ Ltd. EvolutionFX is continuing Product Development for companies who truly believe in innovative products for their customers.

What products are you currently releasing?

©TouchSense controller, which makes the next innovative leap in home ventilation systems. Building on the Simx Smartvent Evolve control, we have re-engineered this to be more evolved. Featuring ©TouchScreen controls, EC fan controls and an added ©TouchSense monitoring control system.

What do you mean by End-to-End Product Development?

We can help you from the idea generation through to idea screening. Once you have your framework, we can take on the concept development, testing, and business analysis. We can then start the Product Developement using our network of manufacturing and technical support so you get to the commercialisation and finally your Product Launch.

Do you use Embedded controllers?

We build and design all our embedded controllers using the ©Microchip platform.

Are you working with wireless controls?

We specialise in the use of RS-485, RS-232, I²C, and SPI controls. We developed our own TCPIP stack and are currently developing products using bluetooth and LoRa platforms.

What are EC (DC) Fans?

In this case, EC stands for Electronically Commutated, which basically means it is a fan with a brushless DC motor. Basic DC motors rely on carbon brushes and a commutation ring to switch the current direction, and therefore the magnetic field polarity in a rotating armature. In short, these are more efficient fans.

About us

Knowledge comes from Experience. “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.” - Albert Einstein

With 15 years of creating innovative products, creating millions of dollars of sales, EvolutionFX is the wise choice to be your Product Development Partner.

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